The Definitive Guide To Timeless Fashion Prints

If there is one style statement in the fashion scene that surprisingly never goes out of style, that would be fashion prints! The lovely prints that we have seen way back in the past and we still see in the present have undeniably transcended a long line of eras and generations. I mean, why not? These trending prints are the simplest way to enliven your wardrobe and express your personal flair and state of mind. But you might ask, where did they originally come from?

A Brief History of Prints

Fashion prints have been around for generations, and the British Isles have a rich textile heritage. Printed textiles were imported from India by the India Trade Company before the Industrial Revolution and until the end of the 18th century. Prior to it, India had a 2,000-year history of textile printing. The colours and themes had an Indian influence at first but were quickly adjusted to suit European preferences.

All of that would change with the advent of innovative methods that resulted in higher types of mechanisation during the Industrial Revolution. However, the surge in mass manufacturing did not impress everyone. William Morris, possibly the most renowned British textile designer, got more disenchanted with the Industrial Revolution and began designing his own fabrics with flora and fauna designs that would later cover walls and furnishings.

As the twentieth century began, fashion was once again bored of large-scale production, and many designers looked to the East for inspiration, with looser, more colourful garments, in sharp contrast to the limitations of the previous decade's fashion. Celia Birtwell and Zandra Rhodes would revolutionise pattern and colour, with Rhodes drawing inspiration from current painters such as Andy Warhol and employing vivid colours and geometric patterns.

Contemporary fashion continues to adopt and reinvent with ever more intriguing textile designs inspired by old patterns, themes, nature, and art, as well as anything else that inspires artists to make something that encapsulates the spirit of the times.

The Popular Types of Prints

Fast forward to today’s stylish times, fashion prints are available in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Nothing about this season's biggest trends screams "minimalist" or "simplistic." It's all about the trending prints, creating your own sartorial statement and sporting them your own way. If you've ever wondered what these are all named, let's find out!


The floral print is one of the most appealing and popular motifs in recent years. Regardless of the event, these floral prints never fail to provide an evergreen and new touch to one's attire. They are like a gorgeous garden in every closet, waiting to bloom and thrive. Floral outfits were formerly solely visible in western clothing, but they are now found in the wardrobe of any happy occasion that takes place throughout the world.