New Year, New You With Kayfi: Top Modest Outfit Ideas For 2022

The year 2021 has finally come to a close, and we believe it's safe to say that each one of us is eagerly anticipating what good this new year will bring us. Or, to put it another way, how we can make this year ahead so much better than the previous one. 

The start of 2022 has most of us obsessed with the idea of seizing the opportunity to begin reinventing ourselves. As cliché as this may seem, a new year will always imply a new you. But come to think of it, is there any other effortless way to make this idea a reality than by starting the year with a fresh, hot-off-the-press wardrobe?

Top Modest Outfit Ideas For 2022 

You feel your best when you look your best, so we've rounded up your top modest clothing selections to help you unleash only glitter and glam vibes in 2022. We've gathered a range of chic outfit ideas from our most coveted edit to vamp up your trendy style and take the stress out of this tedious guesswork:


This pièce de résistance promises to hail you as the night’s best dress. This stunning masterpiece is complemented by its sumptuous prints and intricate silhouette that smoothly provide a glamorous and exquisite appeal - exactly what Mona Zaki would have worn to attend an Arabian soirée. 

This jacquard midi dress is reminiscent of the tranquil waters of a lake at night. It features a round neck that opens down the front with fabric-covered buttons and a modesty placket, to keep you covered. This evening dress floats and flares to a midi length and flaunts its delicate angel sleeves that are sure to turn heads as you stride your way through.


Out with the old, in with the new. But isn’t Retro Style the hottest trend to look out for? This ensemble is the epitome of snappy and sensational style. Go simple with a comeback look by mix-matching an infinitely stylish midi skirt with a multitude of plain and printed tops, to approach the new season with fresh and keen vibes. 

This elegant wrap skirt showcases a lovely faux encased look and features a fabric tie-up at the waist that secures it to the skirt. The skirt is midi in length and has a dazzling copper tan colour. A wonderful modest wear reinterpretation of a 1970s classic.


Those who say that you can never match elegance with simplicity have not seen this awe-inspiring regalia yet. This showpiece is an ageless sophistication that would surely be something at the top of your wish list. 

This cosmopolitan blouse is a dainty piece in Kayfi's surf spray colour. The blouse is easily pleated, with a neckband and plenty of subtle ruffles on its gorgeous long sleeves. The round high neck opens in the back for the convenience of wear. With its charming design combined with its flexible and cosy material, this staple is definitely one of the must-haves for every lady on the go.


This season's collection has been known for serving you with nothing but a quintessential look. This blouse’s aesthetic signature design is undeniably dauntless, and we bet that in just a matter of time, this will be one of the most coveted pieces in fashion. 

A buttercream button-up shirt with a whimsical twist. This simple cotton linen shirt has a scalloped peter pan collar in the manner of the 1970s and a beautiful flower embroidery around the borders. The shirt is hip-length and perfect for layering whenever the mood strikes. This work just requests that you have fun in the manner that you like.

On A Final Note 

This new year is undeniably a time for some change, growth, and a fresh start. Whether you're changing your style completely or just doing a closet clean-out, give yourself the gift of a new fashion mentality to embrace the new year on an enthusiastic note. 

This guide aims to help you start the New Year on the right foot, and, of course, Kayfi is always here to help bring out the best in you through style and versatility. But always remember that, regardless of what you decide to incorporate into your closet, being you is most important. As Anna Wintour would have put it, "Create your own style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others."