How The Dopamine Dressing Trend Is Going To Take Over 2023

How the Dopamine Dressing Trend Is Going To Take Over 2023

The previous few years have been challenging for so many reasons, so we don't blame you if you haven't been feeling particularly upbeat along with it. There's a constant flood of shocking news or negative events to digest, so it's normal if you're clinging to anything that brings you joy right now, whether it's your daily stroll, your morning coffee habit, or wearing an outfit that makes you feel crazy awesome. And we think this gave birth to dopamine dressing, which has recently been trending on social media.

What is Dopamine Dressing?

To give you a little context, dopamine is a chemical messenger in the brain that promotes activities that make you feel good. This is why it's known as the "feel-good" hormone—released while you're doing something joyful and also provides you with a sensation of pleasure. Dopamine is released during activities such as listening to your favourite music, caressing a dog, and meditating.

In terms of fashion, colour therapy and dopamine dressing have been explored since the ancient Egyptians. Warm colours are supposed to boost energy, cold colours improve attention, and mild greens indicate tranquillity. Colour is directly related to our emotions: it is the first thing we notice when evaluating something. It is fundamental, visceral, and a language in which we are all born proficient.

As the world continues to recover from the pandemic's havoc, consumers are connecting with bold cheerful hues that provide much-needed positivity and excitement. With worldwide lockdowns previously in place, people turned to colours that calm, soothe, and provide solace during times of distress.

During the outbreak, people craved neutrals because they wanted to feel safe and grounded. With the return of travel, socialising, in-person gatherings, and reuniting with loved ones, shoppers' taste for big, brilliant colours has returned, as they believe they can now dress for an occasion.

In the grand scheme of things, these vivid, feel-good tones contribute well to people’s confidence in dressing and experimenting. Many of them have found refuge and new kinds of self-expression in dopamine dressing. And labels have been producing more dopamine brights considering the influence of colour and how wearing particular hues has the ability to alter how we feel and even how we act. And with no denying, according to the Instagram hashtag #DopamineDressing, people seem to be sending positive energy and optimistic vibes with their lively outfit choices!

Dopamine Dressing Outfit Ideas for 2023

Indeed, dopamine dressing is here to stay and to slay. If you are wondering how you can get your journey started, we have listed down the cream of the crop of dopamine brights that will make your effervescent personality pop even more throughout this year:

1. “Spread Some Blue-tiful Vibes!”

Slip into the polished style of this captivating showpiece. This is one of the trendy abaya designs made of vivid blue fabric and has a long-sleeved, loose-fitting shape with a splash of elegance in the form of scallop trimming.

Get the look,Blue Scallop Trim Abaya

2. "Shout Out to All the Green Queens"

Glow not only at golden hour but all day, every day in this stunning shirt dress. The radiant acid lime shade, zig-zag tie-up pattern, and lapel collar make this mood-lifting combination even more appealing to wear.

Shop this outfit, Green Tie-Up Shirt Dress

3. “Are You Red-dy for a Good Time?”

This midi kaftan adds a modern touch to traditional kaftans. This coveted shirt dress has a V-neckline, loops with buttons as a frontal fastening, and long sleeves with tight cuffs. This night dress is of high quality and was designed with fancy features in mind.

See for yourself,Red Button Front Midi Kaftan

4. “When Life Gives You Lemons, Wear Them!”

This midi dress will add a pop of colour to your regular look. This bubbly outfit is given a dramatic modern touch with its vibrant hue, long sleeves, and fabric belt, reflecting Kayfi's modest approach with a timeless flowing style.

Grab the style, Yellow Belted Midi Dress

5. “Orange You Glad to See Me?”

Make your winter edits more fun with this midi dress. This chic ensemble has an easygoing silhouette with half sleeves and a tiered hem for added charm. Wear it with your favourite earrings and heels.

Get the look, Orange Tiered Midi Dress

To Wrap It All Up

Dopamine dressing, at its foundation, promotes us to feel good about our image. It allows us to enjoy wearing something we actually love rather than aimlessly purchasing something or collecting likes on an Instagram post.

There is no right or wrong way to do this trend—just it's about harnessing the power of clothing to help you feel your best. The perfect fashion pick is one that makes you feel confident in and out and makes you shine day in and day out. Whatever works for you is all that is important.

But, ultimately, if you want to foster happiness and fulfilment through your unique wardrobe, you don't need to resort to a certain colour; simply look at what you already know you like.

If you need further guidance not to miss out on the trend, we are here for you! Explore a kaleidoscope of mood-boosting colours from our latest collection, and experience instant joy and satisfaction from a wide range of abayas, kaftans, dresses, and more!