Cool Ways To Dress Modestly This Summer

As the temperature continues to rise, we find ourselves reaching for a loose, comfortable set of clothing in our closet. However, dressing modestly may be difficult, especially in the summer when clothing designs become more exposing. For many women throughout the world, summertime means shorts, micro skirts, sundresses, bikinis, and other skin-baring attire. But for modest women, it could be a distressing season, primarily because most clothing stores don't sell modest summer fashion alternatives.

Dressing modestly while incorporating your particular flair can become difficult at the best of times, let alone in the peak of summer. In the winter, layering tactics are ideal for keeping you warm while still allowing you to wear your favourite designs, textures, and materials. But in summer, the prospect of wearing many blouses and layered garments as the weather warms up makes us sweat just with it. We understand that dressing modestly amid the scorching times could pose a challenge; however, it is also not impossible to ace; it just takes a little extra work - and believe us, it's worth it!

If you're a modest dresser looking for ways to traverse this skin-baring season, ditch your worries as we've got you covered - pun intended. The world is your sartorial oyster, so we'll help you celebrate the season's warmth with easy-breezy looks if you're planning the perfect outdoor picnic or a beach getaway.

Read on as we have put together a list of modest summer styling tips and tricks that will come in handy during the sweltering days ahead.

Dress Modestly In Summer With These Tips


Layers are a must-have in modest design, but take it from someone who once wore a tight long-sleeved t-shirt underneath a sheer top under an impractical robe in 40-degree heat: layers are a nightmare in summer. So instead, we often wear layers because of a low neck, see-through fabric, and the lack of sleeves. And this has already been resolved by modest ensembles that have been designed to compensate for these concerns.

Over time, modest-dressing women have figured out how to cover up while wearing outfits that aren't typically modest on their own. Unfortunately, these techniques include apparel that fools the naked eye, allowing them to protect their modesty while staying cool. The mock neck is one such piece of garment. When a neckline is too low for one's comfort, it's too hot to put a complete shirt underneath; this will be your go-to garment. It lets a woman protect her chest and neck without becoming caught up in too many layers. Mock necks are available in various colours, styles, and fabric kinds.

If you can't stop yourself from layering, you'd be surprised at how weightless and airy a button-down can seem when worn as an ultra-light layering garment. It may be worn over a fitting mock neck tank or under strappy shirts or skirts. It allows you to breathe while also providing shade. Another important layer is a summer jacket. This is arguably the most straightforward modest dressing tip: slip it on over a light tank top or shirt, and you're good to go.

The shirt extender is another wardrobe trick invented by modest designers. Shirt extenders enable a lady to wear a short shirt without overheating. Rather than wearing a more oversized shirt below, modest-dressing ladies can use the shirt extender to create the illusion of a second shirt underneath the first one.

Finally, arm sleeves (sometimes oversleeves) are commonly worn by modest-dressing ladies with short-sleeved shirts and tops. When wearing clothes with overly short sleeves, they allow ladies to conceal their arms. They are available in various styles, colours, lengths, and fabric kinds. Arm sleeves might be patterned or plain, with or without cuffs and buttons. They're typically attached to the arm with an elastic band, allowing the wearer to move freely without fear of the sleeves slipping or coming off. These stealthy yet convenient clothing are ideal for anybody attempting to avoid the burning heat of the summer.


The looser, the nicer. The less cloth that comes into contact with your body, the more comfortable you feel. Any outfit that is too tight or clinging will make you feel hot and sweaty. Believe it or not, a billowing maxi dress will keep you fresher than a pair of denim jeans and a skintight tank.

Therefore, slim jeans, leggings, and tight skirts are not practical for warmer months. For bottoms, flowy dresses, a-line skirts, wide-leg linen pants, and certain culottes are excellent choices. Additionally, oversized shirts and blouses are also your best bet for more comfortable wear during this season.

Heavy embellishments, such as beading or metal should also be minimized. Adornments add weight to your clothing, bringing it closer to your skin and trapping body heat.

Having tailored loose clothing makes you look fresh, polished and put together. It feels especially awful when your outfit isn't snug, and it's smouldering outside! That's a formula for disaster. Feeling good about how you look always begins with how comfortable you are with what you are wearing.


Let's resort to fundamental physics. Dark hues absorb more light, which will make you feel hotter along with the hot climate. On the other hand, bright hues reflect light, keeping you cool and breezy in the heat. When exposed to direct sunlight, dark blue, purple, and green colours create thermal energy. Under the same sunshine circumstances, lighter colours make less thermal energy.

Alongside it, colours also affect the way people feel. Because people identify summer with sunlight and heat, light-coloured apparel can improve moods following the season. Perhaps that's why designers typically create summer collections in white, beige, pink, and yellow, and consumers who want to seem stylish follow the trend.

Additionally, lighter colours will also help you stand out in a crowd and appear softer and more relaxed. So, an airy pair of trousers in a light tone will protect your modesty and comfort and keep you looking friendly and pleasant to look at. So take advantage of the sunny weather and rock your brightly coloured wardrobe.


Summer is always associated with a carefree and laid-back vibe. This principle is also illustrated by the sort of cloth we wear over the season, not just for aesthetic reasons but also for utility.

Humans keep a cool body temperature by sweating heat away from the body. Therefore, it is critical to enable air circulation to maintain a cool body temperature. That said, fabrics for hot climates should enhance airflow through the clothes, enabling heat and moisture to escape. Materials that hold moisture also tend to emit unpleasant scents. Natural fibres are often better at absorbing moisture from the skin and enabling it to evaporate from the outside surface.

Cotton fabric is one of the most popular natural breathable materials there is. This fabric created from the fibre balls found in cotton plants is currently one of the most frequently used and long-lasting textiles because of the fabric's microscopic hollow holes that make it ventilated. Cotton materials enable air to circulate through the fibres, keeping the body cool by wicking away sweat and are a versatile fabric utilized for a wide range of modest apparel.

Linen is another excellent option for a breathable fabric to wear in hot weather. It's also lightweight and loosely knit, allowing heat to escape from the body. It swiftly absorbs and eliminates moisture, keeping you cool and dry. Linen wrinkles a lot, yet many people appreciate it and see it as part of its style and aesthetic.

A common rule of thumb for summer is to avoid artificial materials in favour of natural fibres. However, just as every rule has an exception, so does this one. If there is one synthetic fabric you can't live without but is also summer suitable, it has to be rayon! It is a seamless combination of cotton, wood pulp, and various natural and synthetic fibres. Because silk is an expensive fabric, rayon was created to replace it in a method that provided equal benefits without breaking the bank.

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