A Modest Fashionista’s Guide To Building A Trendy Capsule Wardrobe

A Modest Fashionista’s Guide to Building a Trendy Capsule Wardrobe

Do you strive every morning to choose an outfit that you think will let you get through the day? Worse, do you reckon you have nothing to wear in your closet despite the massive quantity of pieces to choose from? You are most certainly not alone!

There is no denying that we all want to start each waking day on a happy note, and one of the things to get this done is by dressing up to make us feel good. However, some of us may find this daily affair a problematic scenario, like a raven on your shoulder, predicting gloom. Choosing an outfit to wear every morning can be quite a challenging task, but ladies, there’s hope! A simple yet effective solution for this dilemma is to begin a capsule wardrobe!

A capsule wardrobe is conjured up of a few interchangeable clothing pieces that complement one another. These are frequently timeless classics in neutral colours that never go out of style. This kind of wardrobe allows you to quickly put together a range of ensembles from a limited selection of garments. Building a capsule wardrobe will also let you show yourself to the world with a well-curated collection of garments that you purchased with thought and love.

Capsule wardrobe, but make it modest

Creating a modest capsule wardrobe takes effort and, to be honest, might be intimidating at first. You'll need some time to go through your closet and get rid of the clothing you never wear. You should also be prepared to spend some time considering new pieces since they will have to be unique and versatile rather than quick fashion.

To make things easier for you, we've compiled a list of handy modest fashion staples that will help you take a few more steps towards building your own capsule wardrobe:

1. White Shirt

Every modest wardrobe must include a forever-flexible white shirt for women. This classic garment was formerly primarily linked with professional attire. Still, fashion borders have blurred, and a clean white blouse design is now a new standard that goes with everything – from jeans to long skirts, tailored trousers to shorts. In addition, this minimalist garment and similar latest blouse designs are perfect for layering with coats and blazers when the season has started chilling up.

Long-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

This blouse design will add a touch of class to your typical look. This charming piece reflects Kayfi's modest style with a classic flowing pattern and is given a striking modern touch with its timeless tone and button embellishments.

2. Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt always has a reserved spot in any capsule wardrobe. This apparel's superpower is its ability to blend in with a wide range of outfits. This flexible garment is a genuine, dependable item of clothing buddy, similar to the fantastic friend that you can invite everywhere and sit next to anybody.

The pencil skirt is generously tailored, and it compliments almost every female body proportion, even pear shapes, which generally require a fluted A-line design. Its structure makes it so flattering on so many different body types.

Brown Knitted Pencil Skirt

Having daily outfit dilemmas? This skirt will be your fashionable answer. This striking piece, with the sumptuous knitted finish and a gorgeous earth tone, is sure to infuse new life into your capsule wardrobe.

3. Midi Dress

What's not to love about a midi dress? The hemline provides a traditional aesthetic; you can wear them all year long for almost any occasion, and they are oh-so-easy to wear.

Midi dresses for women feature an excellent pattern for lightweight fabrics and the perfect base for a well-rounded modest capsule wardrobe. It is also beginner-friendly! This piece can also easily be accentuated by complementary details that will add texture and further amp up your style without adding unnecessary bulk.

Pink Midi Dress

Most days, all we want is to be pretty in pink. This gorgeous shirt dress is constructed of high-quality fabric and features a keyhole neckline and half sleeves. This look also has a button-up detail and a midi silhouette in a rose-coloured hue.

4. Jackets

The reliable jacket may have been the most iconic outerwear ever as it completes any decent, modest capsule outfit. Even if you're merely wearing a plain t-shirt, a tailored jacket can give a sense of refinement to any look.

This is also the time in your capsule collection to experiment with patterns - a neutral plaid or striped blazer for women will look great with basic pants, camis, and button-downs to give visual interest to your workplace ensembles. Choose the form that best compliments your figure and fashion style. You may prefer oversized fits, yet a slimmer shape and a nipped waist can also work perfectly.

Blue Striped Jacket

With this blazer jacket, you can show them who's in charge! This design conveys spontaneous energy from smart casual ensembles by adding a contemporary spin. This blazer showcases a collarless design and button-down tailoring with welt pockets.

5. Long-Sleeve Top

Lightweight long-sleeve tops in soft materials look sleek and elegant, making them an excellent addition to a modest capsule wardrobe. They can be worn with various apparel, including pants, blazers, and midi skirts. They may also be suited up or down, making them appropriate for a professional office look and a chill brunch getup.

Leopard Print Long Sleeve Top

This long sleeve shirt has everyone fantasising about a romantic vacay. With its gorgeous print, long sleeves, and button-down detail, no one will be able to take their gaze away from you. Never be afraid to look stunning in this classic shirt.

6. Joggers

Joggers may not have figured in typical modest wardrobes throughout the years, but if the pandemic has taught us anything about dressing, it is that comfort comes first. As a result, joggers for women may appear unduly casual, yet they can be styled in various ways, including casual wear or imaginative, adventurous outfits. So make room for this newest addition to your capsule wardrobe, whether you decide on a complementing set or a traditional contrasting combination.

Brown Track Trousers

These jogger pants will spice things up in your winter wardrobe. You'll be the talk of the town with its flattering silhouette and dazzling hue. Pair it with the matching top for the ideal monotone look for your next casual event.

7. Culottes

While tailored trousers and denim styles will always be popular, broader and looser strides, make a strong comeback. It's no surprise, given how well they match so many other capsule wardrobe pieces. And because they can be worn with almost everything, these culottes are the ideal capsule wardrobe addition.

They're trendy and offer a new style this season. Culotte pants are more ergonomic than many trouser designs and provide more discretion than a skirt. They are a delightful substitute for both. What's not to like about this garment?

White Embroidered Culottes

These white culottes offer a fashionable base in your capsule wardrobe by following sleek shapes and lines. The cropped pants are constructed of a stretchy fabric that sits beautifully on the hips and skims the leg to a chic flaring finish.

8. Kaftans

Kaftans come in a variety of designs, fabrics, and colours and may be turned into anything you desire, from sophisticated grand outfits to fun beach party ensembles. This practical and comfortable look has made a reappearance in recent years (though we can't say it was ever out of vogue), and it is becoming increasingly popular now, appealing to both the tastes of ladies who seek fine and trendy formal attire and those who want more casual styles. For these reasons, we see no reason why women shouldn't include kaftans in their capsule wardrobes.

Green Scoop Neck Tiered Kaftan

This green tiered kaftan dress is certainly a stylish choice for the new season. It's made of cosy fabric and has 3/4 sleeves, a sophisticated neckline, and a tiered pattern. Sport this look to your next glam event and be prepared to steal the spotlight.

9. Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-leg pants are undeniably every woman’s best friend and are the wing woman of every lady who’s always on the go. Hence, if you don’t own one of these yet, now is the perfect time to get to your senses and grab a pair. You’ll never go wrong with these flare pants as they have the most straightforward yet versatile design. They are sure to be flexible enough to be styled up or down as needed by the occasion.

Snake Print Wide Leg Trousers

These snake print palazzo pants are a beautiful investment item that is both sharp for work and comfortable enough for after hours. Its classic silhouette descends to a swishy hem and skims the hips. These trousers are a wardrobe staple all year.

10. Abayas

The mainstream fashion industry now recognises abaya designs as trendsetters. A wide range of trendy and simple abaya designs have been created in order to provide the consumer with nothing less than elegance and class. Some are ideal for making a graceful first impression, while others can make you look like a fashion statement. Not to mention, this garm is also perfect for layering! Just throw it on top of your casual ensemble, and you’d be mind-blown how much it will amp up your aesthetic.

Blue Scallop Trim Abaya

Slip into the elegant aesthetics of this captivating abaya design. It's made of lovely blue fabric and has a long-sleeved, loose-fitting shape with a touch of refinement in the form of scallop trimming. Get comfy and stylish all season long with this standout piece.

Create your dream capsule wardrobe with Kayfi!

Starting a capsule wardrobe can tremendously simplify your life; we cannot advocate it highly enough! But, of course, this kind of wardrobe will also have to evolve and adjust over time. It's normal to add and subtract items as the seasons change, and your inclinations change. But the rewards will continue, which is the best part!

Try revamping your wardrobe with Kayfi if you're seeking fresh ways to dress up efficiently this season. Knowing your personal style can help you discern the disparity between conventional and remarkable styles. When the market is flooded with rip-offs and low-quality goods, it can get challenging to find the best and top-tier modest apparel. Kayfi is a reputable company that offers real clothing to its consumers, and we believe your quest for high-quality items ends here.

We all wanted a capsule wardrobe that makes us feel distinct, confident, and comfortable day in, and day out. So start to fall in love with Kayfi apparel and make it your own. Then, go check out the latest collection of abaya designs, dresses and kaftans. At Kayfi, we have a wide selection of timeless, versatile key pieces to incorporate into your modest wardrobe. As a modest fashion brand that caters to modest fashionistas in UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia, we are not new in this scene, and we can definitely bring your dream capsule wardrobe to life.