6 Trending Abaya Designs That Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

6 Trending Abaya Designs That Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

Abayas have long been a staple in the wardrobes of modest ladies, and they are a true representation of timeless grace and elegance. Nowadays, modern modest dressers wear this culturally significant garment with a certain charm and confidence. Abaya designs are no longer regarded just as traditional clothes. The world is rapidly shifting toward simple abaya designs integrated with a contemporary aesthetic that accentuates women's uniqueness while also making them feel connected to their values and heritage.

The mainstream apparel industry increasingly recognises the abaya dress as a trailblazer in the region. A wide range of trendy abaya fashion has been created in order to serve the market with nothing less than finesse and flair. Some are ideal for establishing an impressive first impression, whereas others could make you look like an absolute fashion statement.

Abaya Design Must-Haves in 2022

Finding the best abaya design is dependent on a variety of considerations, and it might be overwhelming to tackle the fashion choices we make on our own. We understand the struggle of this aspect, so we prepared this guide and gathered the greatest abaya style to help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends:

“Asymmetrical Made Magical”

This new abaya design is a fresh interpretation of the traditional one. It is made of sophisticated fabric and has a slim-fitting shape. It closes at the front with tonal buttons. Its notched jacket collars and waist frills are designed to draw all eyes on you. Wear it as a structured abaya or just as a light sheath.

Get the look, Ruffled Waist Abaya in Green

“The Thrill In Some Frill”

In this lovely abaya, you can stroll through the hot sunny days with ease and confidence. This modern twist on simple abaya designs boasts a mood-boosting colour and is complemented with sumptuous frills. This modern abaya is the perfect dress for any occasion. This statement piece is the absolute best for every occasion.

Shop this outfit, Frill Thrill Abaya

“Meanwhile, Here’s A Jacket-Style!”

This abaya style will add a pop of colour to your regular look. This exquisite garment is given a dramatic modern touch with its lapel collar and double-breasted design, reflecting Kayfi's modest touch with a timeless flowing form. This new abaya design will undeniably make you glow day in, and day out.

See for yourself, Double-Breasted Jacket Abaya in Bronze

“This Just Blue Me Away”

Slip into the polished aesthetic of this captivating showpiece. It's made of beautiful blue fabric and has an oversized collar and loose-fitting shape with a hint of elegance in the form of bell-sleeve detailing. This modern abaya will make you turn heads as you go.

Grab the style, Breezy Shawl Abaya In Evening Blue

“It’s A Wrap With An Overlap”

This overlapping abaya style adds a feminine touch to your every step. The outfit is comprised of a light fabric that drapes freely over the body. It has broad sleeves that are ruched to show off your individuality. With its focus on simplicity, this modern take on Arabic abaya design will surely outlast seasonal trends.

Get the look, Cowl Sleeve Overlap Abaya in Khaki

“These Are Tiers of Joy”

Fall in love with the classic tone and contemporary design of this black abaya. The tiered silhouette and bishop sleeves of this voluminous structure are simply stunning. Wear this look from day to night by complementing it with your favourite sandals and handbag.

Shop this outfit, My Noir Cover-Up Abaya

On A Final Note

Knowing which abaya design to pick—to express your personality and represent your style—is the key to looking effortlessly trendy and trés chic. Diversifying outside of the norm is always a useful approach for adding a fresh take to a classic design. Investing in a fashionable abaya dress will definitely go a long way, and it will certainly hang proudly in your closet for decades to come.

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